Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looting What's Left of Individual Rights

Yesterday, President Barack Obama and the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate passed a landmark healthcare reform bill. This piece of legislations marks the culmination of nearly a century of lobbying by liberals, driven by the premise that healthcare is a fundamental human right. Legislators and lobbyist in favor of comprehensive healthcare reform have also argued that this legislation was necessary to curb the financial burden that the uninsured place on an economy mired with budget deficits and stagnant job growth.

While I sympathize with my fellow citizens who are finding it increasingly difficult to afford their prescription medication, pay mounting hospital bills, and have been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions, I can not do so at the expense of the individual rights of our citizens in this generation and of our posterity.

By 2014, most citizens will be federally mandated to have a minimum level of insurance or be penalized. In 2014, $95 a year or 1 percent household’s income; in 2015, $325 or 2 percent of income; in 2016, $695 or 2.5 percent of income (with a maximum of $2,085 for a family).

This is an eggregious usurpation of state's rights under the constitution and, of the greatest importance, individual property rights, which are the fundamental basic common denominators of freedom in any country that calls itself a republic.

In addition, this piece of legislation further entrenches the paternalistic conceptualization of the state as the primary caretaker of the citizenry. It has been proven throughout history that a welfare state, where private citizens are abdicated of the responsibility of earning their daily bread, is never far from implosion.

Keep in mind that when the founders of this country wrote the Constitution it was with the intention of protecting the citizens from potential abuses by the government and not as a tapestry extolling the privileges that the government may extract from the citizenry. Also note that there are two basic functions of the federal government (and rightly so) - to protect the homeland from foreign invasion(which past and present administrations have manipulated psychologically with the use of propaganda and in actuality with the initiation of force against foreign countries to their gain) and to protect citizens from the unwarranted initiation of force by other citizens (which includes the arbitration and enforcement of contracts).

It matters not whether the culprits call themselves socialists or communists, feudalists or czars, democrats or republicans, where an altruist-collectivist philosophy exists in which the strong amongst the citizenry (the industrialists, creators, producers, doers, etc.) are forced by law (or by threat of social ostracization) to sacrifice their profits to the weaker elements of society (the beggars, lazy, menatlly unfit, public servants) with the government as the middleman, the weight of the ever multiplying bureaucracies coupled with the decreased production of the affluent (by choice or because there is nothing left to take) will undoubtedly collapse the entire apparatus in on itself.

I am not of the opinion that the weak amongst us should not be supported by the stronger. If any society wishes to prosper, a network of mutual support must exist. I am of the opinion that this network must be the product of private citizens working of their own free will and accord and in a manner that does not demand of them the gain of another at their loss and detriment. When asked whether or not you are your brother's keeper, your answer should be no, I am my brother's example.
This healthcare legislation is asking (once again) the strong amongst us to subsidize the weaker at the cost of their inevitable destruction.

This should come as no surprise to the objectivist because, as he knows, the basic premise of the altruist-collectivist doctrine is for the perpetrators of this philosophy (the looters, middlemen, appropriators, advocates of selfless and public service, etc.) use the energy and resources of kind hearted people pleasers first(because their sacrifices can be obtained without the initiation of force, usually by the promise of unwarranted praise and accolades or the use of guilt tactics) and secondly by skimming the cream from the profits of the producers (the initiation of force is necessary in these cases because the producers amongst us typically have stronger will and resolve that is the byproduct of a self-sufficient attitude and self esteem grounded in a belief in cause and effect and virtue derived from obtaining only what one rightly deserves and by one's own standards).

It will be interesting to see what new pieces of legislation follow this paramount expansion of government. I am certain that they will entail further expansions of government into the private lives of the citizenry. The looters realize that the time is ripe for their pillaging - our country is mired in two questionable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is record job loss with little prospects for job growth, and the rhetoric coming from our elected officials is becoming increasingly worrisome.

The question is whether the citizenry will wake up from their apathetic, agnostic malaise to reclaim the rights that are theirs, not by virtue of God or some other non-rational theory, but by virtue of being a woman/man endowed with the faculty of rational thought and the potential for industrious production. That is the divine right of which the human race is the sole heir.

If you placed your trust and hopes in the hands of government and expected to now make a withdrawal of funds, it should be exceedingly evident that your faith and hope would have been safer in your own hands - where it should've been all along. The government bank account is coming up Insufficient Funds.

This is your wake-up call folks. If you continue to tread the same path blindly, expecting to reach a different destination by faith, then you are most deserving of the bottomless abyss that awaits you, carpeted along the way by the velvet words of the practitioners that want nothing more than to assure your mutual destruction.

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