Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Blackhawks great and current Chicago Wolves star Chris Chelios signed with the Atlanta Thrashers on Tuesday. Bartenders in the greater Atlanta area filled the streets in jubilant celebration.

Reports out of Philadelphia suggest that the Eagles are interested in picking up the $1.5 million roster bonus on quarterback Michael Vick and are actively shopping Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb. This comes a week after the Eagles cut ties with Pro Bowl running back Brian Westbrook. It may always be sunny in Philadelphia but the Eagles' front office apparently isn't too bright.

Robert Pattison of Twilight Saga and (the upcoming "blockbuster") Remember Me fame appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. When asked how he feels having to fight through throngs of fans just to patronize a restaurant, Pattison replied "You learn to ignore it. It's like background noise." That's how I feel about all of your movies Pattison.

Kentuckey senator and former Philadelphia Phillies great Jim Bunning dropped his objection to a Senate bill that would provide an additional $900 million to state unemployment benefits. It was reported that Bunning's colleagues on both sides of the aisle worked out a deal whereby Bunning will be allowed to introduce an amendment that will dictate how the increase in jobless benefits will be paid for in the immediate future. The amendment was reportedly written in Mandarin.

The Chicago Blackhawks returned from the Winter Olympic break lastnight, losing to the New York Islanders 5-3. In other news, 90% of Americans care more about the tightly coiled brown packages that their dogs leave on their neighbor's lawn than they do for NHL hockey.

The DePaul men's basketball team fell to 1-16 in the Big East with a 63-59 loss to South Florida Tuesday night. With Michele Obama's brother Craig Robinson signing a 2-year contract extension with Oregon State on Tuesday, it doesn't look like my beloved Blue Demons will be receiving a stay of execution anytime soon.

Jay Leno is still not funny.

Florida State safety and 2009 Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle ran the 40-yard dash in 4.58seconds at the 2010 NFL scouting combine proving once and for all that being a gangbanger or a crack addict are not the only characteristics that a black guy needs to run fast. If the Bears don't draft this guy with their 3rd round pick...they'll be who we thought they were (it starts with a 'RE" and ends with a 'TARDED').

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James filed paperwork with NBA league offices to change his jersey number from 23 to 6 for next season. James is also leading a push to have his childhood idol Michael Jordan's iconic number retired around the league (Jordan's number is already retired by the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat). James' decision to change his number have fueled rumors about his plans for the impending NBA free agency period that begins July 1st. Here is one reason to believe that LBJ aka King James aka The Akron Hammer will remain in Cleveland and several totally irrational reasons why James will end up donning the red and black that his boyhood idol made famous in Chicago.

Why Lebron is staying in Cleveland

If LBJ was going to leave Cleveland he would not have to file paperwork with the league offices to change his number.

Why Lebron is bringing his cape to Da Windy City

1. Lebron plans to don the number 6 next season. 2*3=6
2. Michael Jordan wore number 9 for the U.S. Olympic team. What is 9 inverted? You got it - 6!
3. How many championships did His Airness win with Da Bulls? Yup - 6!
4. How many league MVPs did MJ win in his career? Right again - 6!
5. How old was Lebron when he first dunked a basketball? 6 years old!
6. How many reasons are listed on my blog for why King James is playing for the Bulls next season? Enough said!


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