Thursday, May 27, 2010

D. Wade Wants Loyalty?

I was watching Mike and Mike this morning and they talked at length about Wade's comments about the Bulls' front office and ownership not being loyal to players like Jordan and Pippen after their careers were over and insinuating that this perceived lack of loyalty (kind of ironic given his present personal situation) may affect the Bulls' chances of getting player such as himself or LeBron. I have to agree with Mike and Mike when they mentioned that the Bulls were loyal to players and coaches like John Paxson, Bob Love, Norm Van Lier, Johnny "Red" Kerr, Bill Cartwright and, recently, Randy Brown and Lindsey Hunter and that maybe it was something in the personalities of Jordan and Pippen that rubbed Reinsdorf the wrong way.

I can also see things from Wade's perspective. Before Jordan and Pippen arrived Chicago could hardly be characterized as a basketball town even though the city produced a plethora of ballers before the championship era. I'm sure that Wade is biased because his game and his love for it evolved during the dynasty. One might even argue that the presence of Jordan, Pippen, and company is single-handedly responsible for Garnett, Wade and, later, Derrick Rose.

What Wade fails to mention is that these players were handsomely rewarded for their talents in dollars. When you get paid to do something, whether it be a 9 to 5 or to shoot a basketball, loyalty is taken out of the equation. Jordan was paid upwards of $30 million per year in his last 3 years with the Bulls. When Jordan took his year and a half hiatus to play minor league baseball in Birmingham (a White Sox affiliateI), he wasn't paid like a minor league ball player. Reindorf paid his airness his normal NBA salary. I would love to see Wade and LeBron in a Bulls uniforms more than anyone except Silvy but if they choose to re-sign with their respective teams or join another team because of their perception of Chicago's loyalty to their players then I would swallow that medicine and hope that the next tier of free agents are more concerned with winning championships and just being good guys. Those players won't have to worry about the franchise's or the fan's loyalty when their careers are over.

We also have to take into consideration that Wade is trying to lure superstars to South Beach just as much as The Bulls are attempting to woo him. Wade could be running a little interference by putting some negative thoughts into the atmosphere regarding the Bulls, giving Bosh, Johnson and company something to think about at Gibson's when they sit down with the Chairman and GarPax.

If that's what D. Wade is pulling then I officially stamp his Chicago card null and void.

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