Friday, August 13, 2010

The Revolution Is Currently Being Televised

Below is my response to a post by my good friend Becky on her blog Which End is Up!?. Don't be fooled by the partisan rhetoric coming from the Obama administration and the liberal left and Glen Beck and Bill O'Reilly's conservative right. We are facing a crisis of resources and confidence in this country that could potentially bear the fruits of revolution. The solutions to the problems that ail our country will not come from the courts or the legislatures but from real people sowing the seeds of liberty in their daily lives.
There's an interesting article on Huffington Post today about the potential for another lost generation of workers due to overwhelming levels of unemployment currently being experienced by my fellow Generation Yers. Most people in my age group have little to no traditional work experience (office, warehouse, lab, etc.), working at coffee shops, clothing stores, and other retail outlets instead. In a down economy, retail jobs are usually the first to be sacrificed. Exacerbating this problem is the far reaching nature of this economic downturn. There are people out there with tremendous skill sets and work experience that can be had on the cheap by companies (who are reaping massive profits by cutting workers and/or hiring cheaper labor as you mentioned in an older post) so they hire those folks in lieu of younger workers with little to no experience. With hundreds of thousands of baby boomers becoming eligible for Social Security benefits everyday and state budgets across the country in disaray due to fiscal irresponsibility and the growing burden on social welfare programs, the lack of tax revenue in the form of payroll taxes and Social Security contributions on and by young workers will likely deepen the recession before glimpses of a recovery are seen. Couple this with the partisan pandering and game playing going on in Washington that you discuss in this post, including those of Michelle Bachmann who I briefly met and actually had a slight affinity towards, and the possibility of a major uprising of revolutionary proportions is not outside of the realm of possibility. My biggest fear is that a government that is solely concerned with protecting its own sovereignty wouldn't hesitate to use force to crush an uprising of its own creation (think G8 Conference meets 1968 Chicago riots) and would swiftly pass legislation that further restricts civil liberties. The two things that the French revolutionaries had on their side were the changing tide of history and poorly designed streets that allowed them to ambush the militias of the aristocracy. Napolean made sure to widen the streets when he came to power so that the peasantry wouldn't be able to lauch guerilla attacks with such ease. Architects here in America made sure to lay out city streets in a grid pattern for the same purposes (see That's why it's so important to have writers such as yourself who don't pander to the left, the right, the middle, or the fundamentalist pols that have infiltrated the Tea Party movement but who candidly and frankly discuss the hostile takeover of our country by this corporatist, elitist, expansionist ideology that has no true party affiliation and that is not only permeating our governmental institutions but those of other developed and developing countries. Great post as usual Becks.

August 13, 2010 10:52 AM

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  1. I had not read this on my own blog yet, because I am not sure my sister had yet to approve the comment. But wow! We agree. This is cause for celebration. :-)