Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Freestyle

Woke up this morning, all by my lonesome
Befo' the day over, bet I have a foursome.
The one with three women, I don't golf course 'em
Hit that shit from the back in the mirror, call it three leg motion
Bitches call me the alchemist cause they know I got that potion
Take two of these, wake up and take two more in the morning
While other couples is snorin', girl we pornin'
Bring in the closer on that pussy like my name is Drew Storen
Haters at work, but I love the sound of it
Spitin' poison on these weeds, I Just Roundup it
Drafted these haters into my war, they like "I ain't sign up for this!"
Walk in the door with 5 cards, all suited, straight flushing it.
Got your panties wet with my voice, ain't even touched you yet,
Fuck an OBGYN, you might need see a vet
D.JONES a veteran in this game, 5 stars on my Starter cap
This freshness in this rhyme is sealed so tight, now that's a Saran Wrap.