Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican National Deception

As the Republican Party convened in Tampa, Florida to nominated the next almost President of the United States, the divisive politics of race, gender, and socioeconomics that has come the define the base of the Republican platform is on full display.

If the Republican party had not already thoroughly convinced every American with half a brain cell remaining that they were in the throws of a 30 year bout of amnesia regarding "conservative" principles and their disasterous application in the form of Republican governance, the reprisal of this very real reality series has made its season debut.

Setting aside the dual irony that the convention is taking place in the state that gave us the greatest usurpation of voter rights since Jim Crow and the Women's Suffrage Movement during the 2000 Presidential election coupled with the fact that Hurricane Isaac is preparing to batter the Gulf Coast exactly 7 years to the day of Hurricane Katrina placing the ineptitude of the Bush administration front and center on a global stage, the shamockery known as the Republican National Convention opened with the inaugural theme of "We Built This".

They are attempting to build something indeed. The Republicans are attempting to build a theocracy based on the historically false assertion that the Founding Fathers established the United States as a Christian nation.

The Republicans are attempting to build a country where a woman can be brutally raped and forced to birth the child of her assailant.

The so called conservatives want to create a Republic where the fundamental right of a citizen to the petition their government for the redress of grievances via the ballot box is summarily wrenched from the hands of the nation's most vulnerable residents (young people, minorities, and the elderly) because they lack a photo I'D, harkening back to the days when blacks were discouraged from voting with illegal poll taxes and literacy tests.

Republicans want to usher in a time when a mob of xenophobes can be so thoroughly convinced that the nation's first non-white President is "taking their country from them" that they literally storm the White House and throw him out.

All this while the ex-President that started two wars, bailed out Wall Street 100 cents on the dollar, turned a surplus into a deficit by passing the most expensive tax cuts in U.S. history, crippled the education system by leaving every child behind and failed to rescue the citizens of New Orleans from one of the greatest natural disasters in the mainland U.S. is allowed to retire in peace to his ranch in Texas where he can snort cocaine, drink Jack Daniels, and fake serve in the National Guard?

I'm not saying that President Obama is the answer either. He has allowed the Republicans to emotionally blackmail him into continuing their failed policies by extending the Bush tax cuts and increasing the frequency and force of drone attacks in the Middle East.

However, I believe that this President is a man that can be reasoned with while the Republicans have sacrificed every ounce of reason they barely possessed in the first place on the altar of political expediency.

You'll notice that I haven't mentioned Willard Mitt Romney or his boy toy Paul Ryan once in this piece. These two men are simply the screen with which the Republican base projects their misguided impressions masquerading as dogma and strongly held convictions.
They are the light bearers, not the light. They are simply politically ambitious men hoping to ride the wave of rampant dissatisfaction and covert racism into the highest office in the land.

As rational, objective, intelligent and informed citizens, we have to remove the poison from the spring that feeds the river by telling the truth about the Republican platform and their candidacy of lies to everyone that we encounter.

Most importantly, we have to get up early and stay up late not just to vote ourselves, but to help our friends, family, and acquaintances to vote as well.

The Republicans have assured through their nefarious tactics that this will be one of the most closely contested elections in history.

If we wake up on January 20th, 2013 to watch the inauguration of Willard Mitt Romney, each of us will have no choice but to gather the faint outline if ourselves in the mirror and exclaim "We Built This".

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