Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Testimony

<p>Verse 1<br>
Just give me 16 bars, and I'll have you drinking off this track,<br>
So many haters in the world, me thinks I need a fanny pack.<br>
Head of the class, my black ass is just like a chalk board<br>
Writing rhymes like Bart Simpson to the rhythms of these chords.<br>
I can see the top, an ascended god on my second apotheosis,<br>
Throwing lightning from Mt. Olympus, taking my wrath out on these roaches.<br>
I have two choices, flowing great or flowing even greater,<br>
You got two choices, taking one to the chest and another to the labrum.<br>
My style is nerd chic, hipster glasses and some Chuck Taylors,<br>
If your girlfriend ride with me, your Facebook status will be changing.<br>
This rap hustle is so amazing, I turn lyrical grapes into raisins,<br>
This is my hour in the sun, get a contact high off of me because my 7 chakras are all blazing!</p>
This is my life, written in tears.
The sum result of my triumphs and my fears.
Now I'm married to the game,
We in holy matrimony.
As I take the stand to give my testimony.
Verse 2<br>
Verse 2 is for my momma and my homey Eddie G,<br>
The entire Tau Phi nation and my masonic family.<br>
I'm finally using my gifts the way the gods intended it to be.<br>
The games been upended and I'm here to lay your girl and a brand new foundation.<br>
Life ain't been no crystal stair, and my pops was rolling stone,<br>
Now I'm sipping Crystal in the VIP and grace the covers of Rolling Stone.<br>
I turned this ho called rap into my wife, and made this track into a home.<br>
Far too original to be a clone, I may be young but I'm ready,<br>
Rap was supposed to be my mistress but now we going steady.

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