Thursday, July 4, 2013

7 Thoughts for the 7th Month

1. Dwight and Conquer
Quixotic NBA Center Dwight Howard plans to choose the final destination for his talents on Friday. My not so educated guess is that he will choose the Dallas Mavericks, where he can join owner Mark Cuban, another sports personality that's managed to alienate his peers.
2. I'm InPiuged
Los Angeles Dodgers rookie sensation Yasiel Puig is now being discussed as a possible addition to Major League Baseball's All-Star team. The possibility has drawn the ire of veteran baseball players, coaches, and commentators. I might actually watch the game after the opening introductions if the Cuban Comet plays.
3. It's a Sell Off
My Chicago Cubs have begun their semiannual yard sale by dealing pitcher Scott Feldman, catcher Steve Clevenger, and much maligned relief pitcher Carlos Marmol. Many expect Matt Garza to be the neck domino to fall. My guess is that it will actually be outfielder Nate Shierholz.
4. Arab Spring - Part Deux
Egyptians are celebrating the ouster of their democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood regime in a scene that mimicked U.S. 4th of July celebrations. Could you imagine if the Joint Chiefs of Staff walked into the Oval Office and told President Obama that his services were no longer needed? That's the beauty as well as the beast of our peaceful transition system here in America. Makes you wonder if our citizens secretly wish they could foment instantaneous regime change when they became dissatisfied with their government.
5. The Incredible Hulk
Baltimore Peoples slugging first Baseman Chris Davis has 32 homers before the All-Star break. He's on pace to break Roger Maris' single season homerun record of 61 in '61. Yes, I said Maris, not Bonds. When Davis was asked if he considered Maris' single season homerun record to be the standard bearer, Davis unequivocally said yes because Maris was the last one to accomplish the feat clean of performance enhancing drugs. For his sake and that of the efficacy of the game of baseball, I sincerely hope that Davis never tests positive for anything more that crab cakes.
6. Speaking of which...
The Texas Rangers signed 41year old DH Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal. Ramirez most recetly played in Taiwan, which is akin to playing in the Cape Cod league. Nothing says ridding baseball of its dark history of PED usage like signing a retread that was suspended not once, but twice for failing a drug test. You know why America is the greatest country in the world for cheaters? Talent always overcomes character flaws and our citizens have an uncanny knack for selective amnesia.
7. Independence Daze
Americans all over the contiguous 48, Alaska, Hawaii, and a myriad of U.S. territories will celebrate our nation's independence. Nevermind the fact that the Declaration of Independence was actually completed on July 2nd, our nation was built on a foundation of slave labor, and we currenly have a military presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Today, we celebrate the irrational belief of many Americans that our country is a beacon of freedom for emerging nations around the globe. BTW, more American flags are manufactured in China, a Communist country, than here in the U.S. If Americans celebrate anything, it should be our right to remain woefully ignorant of the rights that we do not have here at home and havoc that our military and clandestine services cause around the world to provide cheap gas for our paid 4-day vacations. Remember, nothing is free, most especially freedom. If something appears free, more than likely the costs have been paid by someone, somewhere.