Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Witticisms

Tuesday night was a very interesting night in sports television. Here are the 5 events that grabbed my attention:

Looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers got a mulligan on their 2013 selection of Anthony Bennett. If he improves just slightly from year 1 to year 2, it will be like having 2 first overall draft picks (unless the new guy sucks, too).

Yankee living legend Derek Jeter played his last night game at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. The Cubs presented Jeter with a piece of the iconic scoreboard. In return, Jeter gave the Cubs a signed picture of the Marlins winning the 2003 World Series.

Former NFL players are suing the league for prescribing pain killers to mask the pain of injury, getting the players back on the field quicker, and for withholding diagnosis of serious injuries. In other news, snow is white and heat is hot. No one forced guys to take a bunch of pills to play. Players took the drugs because they wanted to play. Now, the withholding diagnosis stuff - that might play. With all of the recent lawsuits, what's the future of the NFL as the nation's most popular spectator sport? If the ratings from the 2014 NFL Draft tell us anything, the future is still bright.

The Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers 84-81, evening the best of 7 Eastern Conference Finals series at 1 game a piece, heading to South Beach. LeBron and D. Wade are officially the Nasty Boys of team pro sports. Best Tag Team...EVER.

On an eerily similar note to the NFL story, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel profiled the widespread use of pain killers and masking agents on race horses, leading to horses breaking down mid-race, killing the horses and, in most cases, severely injuring the jockeys. Veterinarians say that giving painkillers to race horses is an easy way to supplement their income, especially since the practice is widespread. On the owners and trainers end, a horse isn't profitable unless they race. A horse breaks down, you put it down and move on. All of the comparisons between football players and race horses aren't just hyperbole.

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