Sunday, February 22, 2015

On to the Next One (D. Jones Remix)

It's yo boy D.Jones, aka Skully bones,
Now I'm workin' for the Fed, now here come them hoes
Naked from the waist to the toes, sucking on these flows
Got D like Rodman, go head and put it in your soul
I'm on my fuckin rap shit, fuck all that actin,
Lights, Camera, Action, it's a chain reaction
I gots me a sweet tooth, like a fuckin fat chick,
Eat the beat up, I ain't on no diet
It's on to the next one, on to the best one,
Movin on up, like I'm George Jetson
Or was that Jefferson , kiss and caress em,
So much hate, I just deflect em
Y'all niggas old news, Wildcat formation,
Let me show you how its done, standing ovation
Niggas is emotional, must be ovulating,
Rumors of my demise were much exaggerated.
Drinking Crown and ginger, I'm a Presbyterian,
A chosen one like a Philistine, vaca in the Philippines
Is y'all niggas feeling me? D. Jones molestation
This that death row flow, no probation.
I'm opening up the studio, gettin on my Diddy flow,
Use some alliteration, y'all niggas too literal
Its on to the next step, movie star no extras
2 women, no homo, sugar free like Extra.